Quick topline on Augmented Reality Event 2010

Yesterday I attended and gave a talk at ARE2010. Total Immersion suggested an official logo for augmented reality applications and devices equipped with such applications. Tony Fernandes of The UEgroup highlighted the ridiculousness of mobile AR user behaviour. Clark Dodsworth of Osage future-gazed to hyperpersonalised relationships between users and information services as we move toward a mobile platform. Bruce Sterling got into an argument over civic ludology with Brendan Scully. And Blaise Aguera y Arcas blew minds with Photosynth. There was a fantastic community spirit and I was surprised at the highly conceptual undertones that ran throughout even the most developer-orientated of the talks. Jesse Schell‘s closing keynote wonderfully summed up what many had grappled with throughout the event – namely, what a future augmented reality world will mean, let alone look like. Culturally, we rely on controlling what information we reveal about ourselves to the real world. But augmented reality (and Facebook’s questionable privacy controls) has the potential to change all that. Schell feels we’re on the cusp of an Adam and Eve moment – where we take a bite of the a(R)pple and find ourselves exposed. More notes from ARE2010 next week. Happy weekend!