Re-curated futures

An interesting collaboration here from fashion retailer Banana Republic and foodie magazine Bon Appetit to launch a new collection, “Desk to Dinner”. According to the NY Times, “The clothes, as the name suggests, are intended to be versatile enough to be worn from a day at the office to a night out to eat”.

Unlike traditional retail collaborations, which usually sees a fashion brand collaborating with a known designer or celebrity, this partnering reflects a broader appreciation for lifestyle and the role of fashion, food and location within that. By identifying shared needs amongst their target audiences, Banana Republic and Bon Appetit have been able to leverage both of their brands with a story that puts people – and their real lives – at the heart.

There is a noticeable trend for unexpected collaborations emerging as brands seek out new audiences, new touchpoints and new experiences – a trend which goes hand-in-hand with an increased emphasis on the curatorial. A recent article on the rise of the Tumblr culture asserted that, “via the medium of dissolving, re-ingesting and mutating our pop culture we’re slowly seeing what the future is going to be like: a looped cycle”. With the exponentially expanding reach of sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, the successful juxtaposition of existing content becomes a key skill.

From their Pinterest boards to their collaborations, a brand will need not only to know itself, but also what it likes and where it sits in the endless stream of re-curating digital consciousness.