Review: Skylight by David Hare

Skylight: Nighy and Mulligan

Looking for something to do this weekend? Our Senior Copywriter Philip reviews Wyndham Theatre’s latest production, Skylight.

‘Skylight’ is a high-octane encounter between two people who are socially on different planets but, because of their shared history, are finely attuned to each other’s responses. I expected a Right vs Left heated politic debate, set in a freezing Kensal Rise council flat, to be essentially undramatic, but every turn of the argument proved me wrong. Bill Nighy’s imperious disdain (he describes a management guru as ‘one of those people who have been told that he’s good with people’) and Carey Mulligan’s articulate defence of social workers (‘they’re the people who every day clean out the drains of society’) make this an exceptionally well-acted clash of passion and politics.