Roll in, roll out

A far cry from trays of soggy canapes and piles of party poppers, hip party must-haves such as Choc Star and Boothnation offer food and entertainment that is in-line with our modern craving for pop-up chic. Moving Brands met Chocstar recently at the the UAL Alumni Summer Fete, where they were peddling ice cream to the assembled masses. Chatting to Petra of Choc Star today, she explained how her mobile chocolate van offers people a magical vision of what it might be like to run away and join the chocolate-covered circus. Aside from the chocolate – an incredible mood elevator – she thinks the main appeal of the van is that it encourages party-goers to be active participants in the event. They can “play shop”, learn about chocolate and how it is made, and interact with Petra and her van. Pop-up retail environments, or “drive by” enterprises like Choc Star, truly engage customers by engrossing them immediately in the activities, enchanting them with the spectacle of it all, and leave while they’re still wanting more.