Setting brands free

Advertising has changed. It is no longer about inspiring people to simply buy a product. It is about inspiring people to emotionally engage with the brand. Now that digital advertising has begun to embrace social networking, it means that emotionally invested consumers can share and express their involvement, becoming more attached in the process.

The beauty of all the DIY Barclaycard waterslides and Cadbury’s eyebrows doing the rounds on YouTube is in people being moved by an idea to the point where they chose to propagate it, and in unforeseen ways.

A brand that can develop a life of its own is truly a moving, living brand. Today’s companies must learn that a brand, which performs brilliantly within their own parameters and environment, is good. But a brand, which performs brilliantly in the outside world and in other people’s hands, can be something really great.

By Panja and Camilla