Socializing the Mundane

Dutch airline KLM is implementing a new program they call Meet and Seat, that allows customers to select a compatible seat mate based on reviewing fellow travelers’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. The benefits of allowing other travelers to see your personal information is that you could potentially meet a new business associate, get to know someone going to the same event as you, or, at the very least avoid sitting next to a family with a small child. KLM reports that initial tests show many travelers are open to the Meet and Seat concept and are comfortable allowing access to their personal details via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many industries that have been slow to adopt social media are now experimenting with it, and Facebook continues to surprise and delight by popping up in even the most mundane of industries. Joe Green, the co-founder of Facebook app, Causes, offered that “There are all these areas of human life that have not yet experienced the revolution of social.”

Whether or not every aspect of human life needs to be digitally socialized is a question worth asking, however, if the general public is ready to adopt concepts like Meet and Seat, perhaps formerly dreaded tasks such as standing in line at the DMV will become potential social events in the not so distant future.

By MBSF intern Willis Kingery