Spotify this!

Not since The Beatles has that giant super power, America, looked to this small island with envious eyes. But it seems that the music-streaming platform, Spotify, is quickly changing all that. Since opening to free registration here only in February of this year, Spotify has won over a million users, amongst whom the term “to Spotify” is quickly becoming part of our daily lexicon. Speculation is already rife over how Apple will respond to an inevitable Spotify app, going – as it will – head to head with iTunes. Popular American blog, Boing Boing, recently posted this rave review of Spotify, guaranteed to increase awareness of the Europe-only jukebox. Fortunately for the Yanks, a recent $50 million investment will allow Spotify to expand across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, however, The Beatles are one of the few bands not featured on the application. I guess you can’t have everything!

No.1 Track on Moving Brands playlist: Everybody Dance Now by C&C Music Factory.