Technology takes over

From MB Intern, Tara

As a student it is easy to get confused as to how far we can push our designs before someone comes along and calls us silly. ‘That’ll never work’ or ‘this isn’t Star Trek’ are comments that are thrown our way when we come up with the idea of a virtual shopping friend who gives you tips on styles that suit you in relation to your Facebook photos.

From the workshop held for D&AD New Blood it was interesting to see how unrestricted minds can come up with such far out technologies by the shed load. From drawing light trails in the air with a mobile phone to domes that connect you to others using constellations, the proposals are endless. I have found from my time at Moving Brands that rather than pull in the reins, the creatives here encourage you to think like this.

Posters with clever puns will eventually run out but hovering buildings will one day be the norm and the people coming up with these ideas will be the ones living in them. Big thinkers, no matter how ridiculous are the way forward so from now on, you come up with the idea and let somebody else worry about how to make it work – there are jobs for them too.