The Creator’s Project and AR


Helen Papagiannis – whom we met at ARE2010 – got in touch to let us know that her work had been featured on “The Creators Project”, a partnership between Intel and Vice dedicated to a celebration of creativity and culture across media around the world. We asked Helen to explain her approach to AR, and where she feels its potential for powerful storytelling lies.

“When cinema was first new it was driven by spectacle and wonderment at the technology, it was a ‘cinema of attractions’, with the technology being the source of fascination rather than the stories presented. Narrative came later.

We’re somewhere similar right now with AR, and there is an important need for designers, artists, etc to become involved and to tell meaningful and compelling stories, extending AR beyond gimmickry. For me, the perfect combination is a delight in the wonderment of the technology that supports and extends story. This is why i start with the technology, to allow content or story to grow from that, rather than shoving story or content into AR. It doesn’t work that way. We need to look at the qualities of AR and what it does best to then push that into new creative modes for storytelling experiences.”

What are your thoughts? Is AR the latest fad or the next big thing?