The Dark Ages (but not as we know them)


One of our Twitter friends wrote to ask whether the recent powercuts in the EC2 area had “hurt”. Following the Design Week “scoop” on the predicament and struggling to respond in 160 characters, I’m turning to the blog. Yesterday was our third powercut since the New Year and the studio is now at the point where we are saving work as soon as the lights begin to ominously flicker. With another set of rooms across the road from the main MB building, key staff working to deadlines are able to re-locate there without too much stress. For everyone else, however, it has been a real lesson in the increasing irrelevance of being desk-bound. Aside from lack of server access, most of us were able to revert to iPhones and laptops to keep things rolling. Heck, I was back tweeting in no time! Companies are increasingly embracing the freedom of hot desking and remote access, in many cases accepting that this modern, moving, always “on” world calls for both employers and employees to be more flexible about how and when the work gets done. Freed from our desks yesterday, we were able to extend brainstorming sessions, re-locate easily and without fuss, and allow individuals to manage their own ways of working. Bring on the powercuts!


  • Thanks for this reply, It is a great story for a subject about the “third place” (working from a remote place or on the go). Greatings from Paris, Marc