The hot spot of location-based services

I recently met Lars from Skyhook Wireless, who have just launched ‘SpotRank‘ – a”game changing” set of data based on hundreds of millions of anonymous location lookups processed daily through Skyhook’s Core Engine. This location platform powers positioning requests on tens of millions of devices and applications around the world. Skyhook continually mines this data to create detailed behavioral intelligence profiles for over half a billion 100 meter “spots” around the world.

Developers using SpotRank will be able to add surprising  new dimensions to their apps. Public transit or traffic apps could use SpotRanks to suggest new routes based on predicted traffic volume at a specific location. Music apps could suggest playlists based on activity in an area, with upbeat songs at peak hours. Social networking apps change up venue promotions based on the typical number of people in an area at a given time of day. (Source: Internet2go)

Check out the film to see a visualisation of SpotRank data from Austin’s recent SXSW Festival.