The importance of ‘Making’

From Ben Wolstenholme – Founder and Creative Director of Moving Brands.

I am hearing a lot about the importance of ‘making’, not just ‘thinking’ or ‘directing’ or ‘delegating’ but hands on MAKING. This is something important to us in the studio and often gets overlooked, many conversations are about big ideas and positioning but there is a lot of creative opportunity throughout the various stages of both thinking and making.

Simon Browning our good friend (and neighbor to our Tokyo studio) is a strong advocate of ‘making’ and has done a lovely job on this new set of ‘proper’ doughnut shops in Tokyo Midtown called NEYN,.
The whole concept celebrates the importance of ‘making’; the donuts, the space, the furnishings are all a part of a valuable process – and temporary – one of the shops is only a pop-up shop – there for a year.

I visited a few weeks ago and it’s a lovely project.

– Ben