The kids are coming: MB and Apps for Good


Picture yourself, suited and booted, adrenaline pumping, preparing to pitch your app concept to the founders of Jawbone and, the CEO of Tech City, and the CIO’s and CTO’s of some of the biggest tech businesses in the world.

Now picture doing this at 15 years of age.

Yesterday was an eye-opening experience for Moving Brands, taking part as an Accelerator in the annual Apps For Good Awards. The programme asks students aged 10 – 18 to develop an app concept that tackles an everyday problem or issue they are passionate about. They must research the market, concept and design the product, complete user testing and prove its technical feasibility, as well as, you know – going to school.

We worked with two of the 18 finalist teams (selected from over 17,000 individual participants) to fine-tune their pitch. The students took the grillings from our Principal Consultant and Design Directors in their stride, reworking aspects of the presentation to ensure they had all the answers they needed for the aforementioned jury of global tech greats. After presenting,the 18 teams then worked the room at a MarketPlace event, pitching their concept in a bid to canvas votes to take home the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

The MB team listened to each group’s empassioned elevator pitch, and were astounded time and again by their intellect, passion and eloquence. We gripped our glasses of white wine tight – the irony of being intellectually challenged by those too young to drink not lost on us.

The evening ended with an award ceremony announcing the winning school from each category. We were thrilled to learn that one of the teams we had mentored, CryptoConnex from Hull’s Hymer’s College, had won in the Education category. So impressed were the judges that one of the team-members, 15 year old Holly, was offered an internship from the CIO of one of the world’s best known digital product businesses.

Congratulations to our teams CryptoConnex and You Snooze You Lose maze, the 16 other finalists, and all the students that took part. It was an honour to be involved in an event run by such an exciting charity organisation, to see the level of competence and interest from young boys and girls, not to mention the pride and support of their wonderful teachers. The UK tech scene will be in an exciting space when these students make their way into the working world.