Topline from Camberwell Key Ideas Forum


Yesterdays talk at the Key Ideas Forum was very good… hundreds of students turned up and the venue was packed. The discussions and presentations from industry were thought provoking and interesting in terms of the spread of experiences.

Lots of themes were discussed – the usual stuff like how students can present themselves better to potential employees.

But of more interest were the conversations around; what skills does a graduate really need; do we need to be ‘educated’ at all – as plenty of designers are not; what is the role of the student, the education body and industry in the education of new designers; shouldn’t we educate less students if there are fewer jobs available; shouldn’t we be teaching business skills as part of a creative subject; should we continue teaching ‘craft’ skills, seeing as the jobs require ‘digital’ skills; How should internship work etc. – etc.

Myself and the other speakers didn’t have all the answers – but the event is the start of a “conversation” that will be published by the “Camberwell Press” to aid future students.