Every time I go back home to see my family, I get puzzled by my 13 year old sister. Its funny how she seems to be a completely different breed: she a true child of the online generation. Always playing games on her TV, computer or game-boy, making my Nan feel senile because she just can’t understand how it works. And if you do dare to ask, you are either meet with a short “yes”, “no”, or maybe a judging glance.

Her written communication is equally concise – 70% symbols and 20% abbreviations with a heavy use of hearts, stars and animal heads. She changes dongles and skins on her phone every week, plays football, cores the knowledge of a whole Wiki in her head and speaks better English than I did after living in London for a year.

And even though all those YouTube videos of teenage girls singing karaoke-style, and blogs filled with girls stating their weekly shopping makes me slightly worried, I know that my sister is growing up in a world which seems much more forgiving, open and genuine. If her offline world can seem isolated, her online world is bubbling with life and excitement. Her and her friends Facebook walls are filled with friends declaring their love and stating each others awesomeness. And I have came to realize that maybe they have grown up more, in speed with the internet, than our generation who still have traces from the Myspace pose.