Virtually Real

MB’s Ellen (talking in the third person, here) is leading a workshop with artist Paul B Davis at Tate Britain this Saturday. The hands on workshop will explore notions of hacking, interruption and manipulation, and how this interaction can continue online.

Paul B Davis is one member of Beige, a computer programming art collective and a pioneer of video game hacking and 8-bit reprogramming in art as well as the datamoshing (but don’t call it datamoshing) thing that went on that Kanye decided to ‘borrow’ for this. His work journeys into the aesthetics of the digital world, using it to create completely new visuals with an uncomfortable and familiar feeling. His music continues in the same streak, manipulating and toying with sound. Watch an interview with him from last year’s Creators Project

Info on the workshop here and if you can’t make it you can always take a virtual tour of the gallery on google because we all might as well not bother leaving the house anyway.