What is the role of brands in creating consumer movements? A response

This post is a response to The Guardian article, ‘What is the role of brands in creating consumer movements?‘ and written from a conversation in the studio between members of the Moving Brands team.


Brand should not be seperate to the business, it is the business. With this in mind a company’s purpose is vital to define, as it should drive what the people in the company do in the first place. If a brand’s purpose is genuinely about being good, that should drive everything it does — what it makes, how it’s people act and how it communicates.

A company must ask itself what is it’s focus, belief and position in the world. This is important as people are good at spotting inauthenticity. This has been seen recently with the NSA scandal, where tech giants were outed to be providing information to the US government they had previously denied sharing. People simply see this as lying. It’s hard to get away with a corporate lie, we are living in an age where the truth comes out and spreads at uncontrollable speed.

Brands who do consider themselves as authentic, should take the initiative into educating people about what they are doing. If people feel strongly about it, they will execute their power as consumers, to let companies know.