Where you should be shopping

You’ve done it again. You have one weekend left to buy all the gifts. But fear not, there are plenty of people in the MB studios in the same position.

So, if like us, you’re not happy with settling for socks or perfume, try some of the following options. They  have inspired, intrigued and challenged the traditional fashion space, and made their way onto MB’s holiday wish list. 


The ‘we’re doing things differently’ stores


Incorporating an event space, bar and fashion store to allow customers to feel cosy.


Radical transparency. They refused to participate in Black Friday recently:

“Because we want to help people consume less by creating fewer, longer lasting products, we decided to shut down the site today. Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll be back tomorrow.”

True and Co

Making shopping for intimates more intimate.


These pop ups have an interesting concept – but not quite as inspiring in person.



 The ‘time-poor / style-hungry’ subscription services

Trunk Club

Man Packs



The ‘that’s her sorted’ options


A great members site that offers access to designer labels at up to 60% off retail. Also an engaging mobile experience with curated product ranges.


A comprehensive collection of designer apparel, called “the editors of what’s cool” by Daily Candy, and recognized by The Wall Street Journal as having “the best customer service”.

Rent The Runway

No one minds a little white lie. So why not embrace it and rent a designer dress or handbag from Rent The Runway.


The ‘that’s him sorted’ options


Finisterre have some pretty amazing ideas and have just opened a new store in Sevendials, London.

Old Town

We love the story and feel of Old Town, it’s based in the Northeast of Norfolk and to us, epitomises artisan.


For the ‘next year I’ll get fit’ crew


The studio is full of avid cyclists so this may be an obvious choice but we think Rapha has set a very high bar for online retail.

The packaging is tactile and feels considered and its customer service for repairs is a talking point; it offers a free repair service where a crash or accident has damaged a garment.


For the ‘Carrie Bradshaw levels of shoe-obsession’ 


US fashion retailer Zappos has launched a digital service that helps customers track down items from any store using just a photo. Shoppers can use the free Ask Zappos service to submit pictures of coveted items via text, email, the Ask Zappos site or on Instagram using the #AskZappos tag. The brand’s team of stylists then uses image-recognition technology to find what the shopper is looking for and lets them know where they can buy similar items, even if Zappos does not stock them.

And finally,  Muntuch


For more inspiration, check out TechCrunch’s recent article of the businesses best merging technology, fashion and the retail experience