Which brands won the Super Bowl?

Us lot here in England may not really understand what it’s all about, but last night was The Super Bowl and with it some of the most expensive ad slots available to brands. The Superbowl ads have apparently long been as much a part of the event as the sports, but social media has propelled them into the global conscious. As Tor Myhren, chief creative officer of Grey New York, said in a recent Fast Company piece, “The dialogue around Super Bowl ads has changed–it literally used to happen at the water cooler, and now, the minute an amazing ad hits, the Twitter world goes crazy. I personally believe the YouTube view count is the single most important factor in judging the success of a Super Bowl ad.”

VW got in to the race early with “Darth Vadar Kid” – an near-perfect ad which you would have had to have been living under a rock to have missed last week. This incredible spot hit so many marks – from the fun of childhood, to the nostalgia of an older generation introducing their kids to their heroes, to the wholesome manliness of a VW. Darth Vadar Kid is currently on 15 millions views in 5 days and counting.

In another developmental milestone for 2011, new iPad-only publication ‘The Daily’ had a Super Bowl commercial all to itself. As far as we at MB could remember, this is the first example of a stand alone app brand to have its own ad. ‘The Daily’ is not experiencing the same love that Flipboard got just yet, but with Murdoch, not Kutcher, behind it, it was bound to take a beating. We’ve yet to have a go on it in the studio, but The Daily’s developers Chaotic Moon practically invented the word “awesome”, so we’re excited to see the results.

The Super Bowl is truly what separates the jocks from the geeks. I think we know which team we’re on!


  • Sheira Furse

    IMHO, while the VW Darth Vadar spot by Deutsch LA was the clear people’s choice, the Chrysler Motor City spot by Widen + Kennedy was the best crafted. To liken it to movie terms (after all, it’s awards season), Darth Vadar was the box office hit, while Motor City was the Oscar winner.

  • Camilla Grey

    I agree – Chrysler Motor City looked incredible. Eminem’s awkward pointing at the end kind of ruined it a bit for me though. But then us Europeans never could handle advertising without irony!