Is creativity about ‘likes’ or striving for brilliance?


What are you doing 9am Monday? Ideally not sitting at your desk working, amirite?

MB co-founder Jim Bull is leading an open and candid discussion on the evolving role of today’s design / designers at RE:DESIGN Conference on Monday, May 18 in San Francisco. Tickets are still available if you would like to join the conversation.

So what are you in for?

“I’ve never followed the latest trend, and I don’t agree with liking something lightly. Just because everyone around you loves ‘Apple’ or ‘Instagram’ or ‘Tesla’ doesn’t mean that it’s any good or even remotely interesting. It just means a lot of people like it – and to me, there is a massive difference between “brilliant” and “popular”. Have we reached a point where design is only great by the sheer number of likes, retweets, or shares? Are we designing for measurability or efficiency rather than being different, pushing boundaries, or reaching for brilliance?”

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