Upcoming events

Sean and Minni 2

Looking for an event to crash? Check out what events we’re jetting off to around the globe to talk at and attend. We’d love to meet you so grab a ticket and join us.

Jon Hewitt will speak at Manifesto Conference about the latest trends and best practices of designing, growing and analyzing great mobile products on March 31.

Terry Stephens, Creative Director will be heading up a Moving Brands Glug event at Barrio East in London on May 5 to chat about all things MB. The London gang will be also be there for a night of networking and drinks – naturally.

Darren Bowles ECD and Colin Burns, CD at the BBC will be giving a keynote together at Internet Age Media weekend in Barcelona from the 7th – 10th April. Following the talk will be a workshop from Co-Founder and Creative Director Guy Wolstenholme, Design Director Dave Cameron and Senior Designer Toby Milner-Gulland focused around play.

D&AD Festival
On April 21, we’re holding a Fringe Event titled ‘Discover through play’ at our studio in London as part of the D&AD Festival.

Jim Bull will speak at By Design Conference on May 21 in Slovakia.