Eloquence and innovation at the Art Center Senior Show


We were excited to attend the Art Center College of Design Senior Show. Representing Moving Brands at the show was Daniel Surgeon and Paul Choi. Daniel is a 2012 alumni of the California College of the Arts. Paul is a 2014 alumni of the Art Center.

Daniel: “We had a great time attending the Art Center College of Design Senior Show. Our objective was to look for potential teammates – designers who have strong ideas but were also talented in execution. What really stood out to us was the discipline in the work that we saw. The projects that we liked best were experimental in concepts yet the designers were able to eloquently talk about the system and bring it back into a cohesive brand, one that had potential to grow. This experience was really exciting for us because it lends a new perspective to our work and Moving Brands’ approach to talent.”

Paul: “It has been a year since I left the Art Center. It was inspiring to see students constantly pushing and challenging the state of design. We had the pleasure of checking out some of the current classes during our visit. The graphic design program is doing a great job of teaching and incorporating new media and technologies to create identities, experiences, and interactions.”