15 Observations from CES 2012

MBSF’s Nick and Scott headed down to CES in Vegas last week. Here’s a beginners guide to what went down, and some eye-witness footage of the highlights everyone is talking about:

1/ Gesture based UI is going to play a big role in communicating with our TVs, game consoles, and desktops. Remotes and other handhold controllers are beginning to disappear. The company who can patent or own the “pinch & swipe” of gesture could win the race.

2/ Apps are being leveraged to sell OEM products. It’s no longer about fastest processors, etc. Partnerships with Google and other successful apps are being leveraged for competitive edge.

3/ Glasses free 3d screen technology is still very rough, but given the rate of advancement we could be seeing successful commercial models in the next 5 years.

4/ Mobile and Tablet UI is informing desktop OS. Windows 8 is undeniably influenced by its Window mobile design.

5/ Windows 8 is compelling…until you open one of the apps. There is a complete lack of visual continuity in the UI, something that could haunt Microsoft in the future.

6/ Celebrity endorsement seems to be a growing trend in the tech sector. With 50Cent and Justin Bieber amongst the CES crowd, we might see more partnerships in the future.

7/ Demographic of CES: “I had expected a bunch of Zuckerberg looking geeks cruising around. In reality it was a lot of businessmen in their 50’s.”

8/ After a day of wading through 140,000 other attendees and an endless sea of gadgetry one can get exhausted. Thats when the free beer tent and the massage chair areas were extra full.

9/ Robots tend to be a little creepy.

10/ Although Apple was not at the event, their presence was felt. For every Samsung, LG, and Microsoft booth, there were 100 smaller booths in the back displaying bad bags and cases for iPhones and iPads.

11/ Cheap marketing tricks were in full effect. Dancers, costumes, booth babes, boxing matches, QR code stick on tattoos, and even magicians were on the showfloor.

12/ 4K resolution TVs were stunning. While consumers are waiting for glasses-free 3D tv’s, content creators should shoot/make all content at 4k.

13/ “While I have been skeptical of 3D tv’s in the living room, the ESPN 3D content as well as 3D EA video games had me sold. And when Samsung paired 3D tv with motion tracking to allow me to play Fruit Ninja it was icing on the cake.”

14/ Facial recognition security login is becoming a consumer grade option on a number of devices.

15/ A lot of gesture based interaction is limited to one user and may forcefully eliminate the age old questions of “who controls the Remote?”