MWW 2014 round-up: Dollar bills, Beats and Bono


The internet is currently awash with music Top 10s in the albums, singles and sleeves from the year just passed. But 2014 was bigger than just one album or one track, it was the year dominated by the super stardom and wealth of a select few.

The main music story of the year was Dr. Dre torpedoing to the top of Forbes’ 2014 Musician Rich List after earning a cool $620 million after Apple bought Beats, the audio product and music streaming company he founded with producer Jimmy Iovine. While Dr. Dre got richer, Taylor Swift got marginally less so, according to Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek. She pulled her music from the streaming system in 2014 in a bid to highlight how Spotify apparently doesn’t value musicians’ art.

It’d be hard not to do a 2014 music round up without a mention to humble U2 and their ill-fated marketing techniques. Earlier this year, the hundreds of millions of iPhone users around the world who updated to iOS8 woke up with the latest effort of Bono and co. automatically uploaded to their phones. This coincided with the death of the iPod Classic in November, with fans paying up to $1000 to bag one in time for Christmas.

What’s next?

Now that streaming is king, Apple’s next move could be to finally embrace subscription and streaming services, possibly integrating their recent acquisition, Beats by Dre.