Moving World Wednesday 20130522



Hey all, here’s this weeks roundup of tech, business and industry news from across the Moving World!



Marissa Meyer is continuing her series of bold strategic moves to save Yahoo – this time with the purchase of Tumblr for $1.1bn, promising not to ‘screw it up”. The move follows her acquisition of Summly for $30m (the cynical amongst us saw a PR exercise to connect with young teenagers by making a millionaire out of a peer), and should allow Yahoo to connect younger audiences who are much more active on Tumblr (Twitter and Tumblr have been attracting teens in droves). Yahoo compared the deal to Facebook & Instagram and Google & YouTube, but whilst Meyer appears to be capable in shifting a traditional company towards a more fast-paced, young audience, lets not forget AOL & Bebo, and News Corp & Myspace…. The sale nets Tumblr’s 26 year old founder $240m

Meyer has also been sending Flickr to the gym, relaunching the platform with a clean content-focused design, and 1TB of free photo storage. With rumoured iOS 7 integration, it looks like it might be worth checking out over Picasa or iCloud. No word on ads yet, though.



Microsoft has announced the new Xbox, pushing firmly to take over the living room entirely, with a design that looks more like a set-top-box than a console, built in cloud streaming, Skype and the ability to control it using your phone. Microsoft’s vision is that you will simple say “Xbox on” to activate your entire living room entertainment system.

The announcement did raise a few issues with voice activation as a concept, with Xbox owners being booted from the events live stream as their Kinects responded every time the announcer said “Xbox”. Issues aside, the new Kinect has our innovation heads whirring, with a new found ability to detect heart rate and muscle movement.



We knew MB Advent, our 3D chocolate printer project was onto something, as we learn of the news that NASA has invested $125,000 in 3D printing food technology – starting with chocolate but moving onto pizza (!). On the theme of a moving world feast, thank you to Jed Carter from Kingston for sending through his Gastroglitch project through, which explored thoughts around the digital availability of food.


You may have missed

Jolla take on the big manufacturers with a new phone for their Sailfish OS.

Are oversharing parents (‘sharents’) harming their their childrens privacy? (Thanks to @iamghettosmurf).

Fords standardised approach to manufacturing is in the past, step aside for modularity (thanks @H3INL).

Rando (the anti-social network photo sharing app from our friends at ustwo) is sharing 200,000 photos a day.

US airways are now the most hated service provider, coming in under even ISPs.

No more Airbnb in New York? Judge rules Airbnb apartment counts as unlicensed hotel.

Tesla just raised $1bn, and is making Audi’s PR department go all silly…

Human stem cells have been cloned for the first time.

Teens are tired of Facebook “drama”, finding solace on Twitter.

Jan Wenner names 22 year old son head of, citing that “young people today are a lot more savvy than people were 40, 50 years ago”.

NASA and Google team up to make a quantum computer.

And is Google’s strength the freedom to fail? Something is working; as market cap reaches $300bn.



You say Jif, I say Gif, Jif, Gif… lets just call the whole thing off. Apparently we’ve been saying it wrong all along.