Media Convergence Forum

Check out this new film. Developed in partnership with The Economist as part of the upcoming “Media Convergence Forum” in New York this month. The film examines the changing media landscape and highlights Obama’s (US President and newly Nobel Peace Prize Winner –  the man can do no wrong!) leveraging of social networking to raise $55 million for his presidential campaign. Here at MB we are lucky enough to have worked with Scott Thomas – the man behind Obama’s historic campaign. Scott recently spoke at the Adobe Max Conference about the campaign, which was also awarded the Titanium and Integrated Grand Prix at Cannes this year. Next up, Scott’s working on a book, ‘Designing Obama‘, which will no doubt be a fascinating insight into the pioneering work which really put social and digital media on the map.

This is an incredibly exciting period for new media. Everything happens at such a pace, there is barely the time to write the rule books, before something new comes along ready for anyone who’s willing and able to become the master of. The unrelenting speed, the democracy of information, the power of global networks… and this is only just the beginning. Watch this space.