3 reasons why you should attend NewCo


NewCo is a different kind of event / conference experience across 16+ diverse global cities. It’s a mashup of an open studio tour and a business conference, with the vibe of a music festival. We sent Lan Nguyen, our North America Marketing Coordinator to NewCo SF to experience all the hype. Read her takeaways:


NewCo gives you access to the types of organizations that don’t usually open their doors to anyone and everyone. Attendees had the opportunity to visit tech giants like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter as well as smaller, interesting startups and nonprofits alike. I had the opportunity to visit Bloomberg, Leap Motion, Imgur, Wired, and Fashion Incubator San Francisco. My favorite session was with Leap Motion. We had the opportunity to experience their virtual reality controller that tracks the movement of a user’s hands as they play games.


At any given time over the two days, you can expect to hear topics as broad as the integration of fashion and tech, to the progression of virtual reality, to how small businesses get off the ground. The speakers were extremely smart and personable. They were attentive and answered questions instead of constantly speaking at you. They talked less about being “disruptive, innovative, game-changers,” focusing instead on realistic questions like “how do startups get in front of VCs, is San Francisco a place for fashion and tech, or how do agencies pitch to writers?” This was a breathe of fresh air for those who live and work in San Francisco.

From my conversations with other attendees, I found that people were there to research and learn rather than attempt to land jobs. They were interested in what was happening in certain sectors and were curious about both emerging trends and the companies hosting. They wanted to discuss speakers and topics, rather than pitch you products or poach for information.

Would I attend the event again? In a heartbeat. Would I recommend this event to others working within or alongside tech businesses? Yes. Do I wish there was less walking to and from the companies? Most definitely. I am thankful that San Francisco is smaller than other cities also participating in NewCo like Los Angeles or Austin.

tl;dr NewCo is a different kind of event / conference experience. You should attend because the topics are interesting and the host companies have knowledgeable speakers. And unlike many similar events, the speakers and attendees want to discuss, not push their own agenda.