The Illusionist

Sylvian Chomet the Illusionist
If you havn’t already, I would really urge people to go see The Illusionist whilst it’s at the cinema. It’s a follow up to the animated film Belleville Rendesvous by Sylvain Chomet based on a script that Jacques Tati wrote previously. The film is absolutely beautiful, and the attention to detail in drawing and movement is incredible. The detail of location and people is lovingly observed, especially the movement of characters, whose every little gesture feels true to their personality. One of those ones you want to keep pausing just to see everything!


  • Wonderful indeed. Interesting thing though, the movie feels a lot more like Japanaese anime, especially the slice-of-life ones, like Isao Takahata’s Only Yesterday or Whisper of the Heart than like european animations or Chomet’s previous Triplettes.