The Studio – the gallery for gamers


Last night some of the MB’ers headed to Glug to check out ‘The Studio,‘ a Studio Output / Playstation 3 special collaboration. The Studio offers gamers downloadable static and dynamic themes for their Playstation, created by world-renowned artists like Mr Bingo, Johnathan Zawada and John Burgerman (a co-collaborator of MB’s on Granimator).
Studio Output had a massive job ahead of them, rebuilding the supplied designs using Java Script and 3D so they could be used on the Playstation platform, and will have an ongoing role in curating the project. It will be interesting to see how users build and use these digital galleries.

Also on the menu at Glug was Tomato. Simon Taylor spoke about their generative animation that was developed as part of The Studio, as well as some older generative projects that focused on his passion for pattern-making.

Marcus Tanner spoke about through the processes and ideas involved in making the ground-breaking Sony PlayStation game WipEout. Although this blogger must confess to knowing nothing about gaming, it was brilliant to see the methodical design process and the inspiration behind the architecture and ship design in the game.

Second half started with a bang with Anthony Burrill talking about his collaboration with Happiness Brussels on the Oil and Water project – the film is well worth a watch.

Stand-up comic Mr Bingo, who also happens to be quite an impressive illustrator, gave his summary of the internet, which had the audience laughing (albeit a little awkwardly in parts).

The night ended with Jasper Goodall talking through his incredible print and multimedia projects. He had some interesting thoughts on ambient illustration and the way technology will enable illustrators to better tell stories.

Another great night – congrats to Ian and the Glug team, and to everyone working on The Studio.