The signs of success

MB has joined the lofty ranks of icons such as Ozzy Osborne, Jennifer Aniston and Elton John.

Our work was (sort of) referenced in SOUTH PARK!

Last year we created a conceptual identity for Wikipedia, in response to a hypothetical brief set by Viewpoint magazine. Wikipedia is one of the world’s top ten most used websites – but their identity was flat and forgettable.

Our response was to create a living identity that used javascript to form a unique movement and mark for every search term. This highlighted where information existed on Wikimedia sister sites, advocating broader information gathering and encouraging contribution where content was missing.

After watching a recent episode of South Park, a friend of MB mentioned the Wikipedia identity had undertaken a transformation…..and closely resembled our hypothetical mark.

Sure – they’re not identical. But coincidence? We’d like to think it’s not.


  • Gail

    I like the MB version SO MUCH BETTER! Beautiful! I’m also curious to learn more about living identities!