A baptism of fire


After becoming part of the MB furniture over the past two months, Kezia Kong, our design intern will be leaving us and going back to uni for her final year. After being thrown straight in the deep end with the design of MBestival (MB London’s summer party) Kezia has been positive, curious and a great addition to all the project teams that she’s worked with, qualities that will take her far. Good luck back at CSM in your final year. Keep in touch – I’m sure we’ll all be at your final show on mass! Find out Kezia’s take on us…

The words that so aptly summarises my summer as a design intern at Moving Brands are of slight discomfort. A baptism signifies an immersion followed by a renewed commitment to a certain ideology or belief – and that is exactly what these past two months have been to me.

Preconceived ideas of what ‘branding’ is, or what ‘technology’ can achieve when shaping identities have all been broken, for they are no longer separate entities, but one whole. New habits have formed from Moving World Wednesday discussions, I now read ‘tech’ news.

The wealth of wisdom found in talking to some of the most brilliant minds has expanded my scope of thinking far beyond a nice piece of design. Branding now includes user experience, industrial design, technology, manifestos and those are but the tip of the iceberg.

The Moving World is no longer an exterior concept but rather an internal convention, one that I have had the privilege of being a part of. As the summer comes to an end – and the final lap to a degree awaits – I am comforted by the knowledge that there is always more to design to discover.

Goodbye for now, Moving Brands.

Kezia Kong