A New Saint Martins

CSMLast night MB’s Ellen and Rosanna were lucky enough to able able to attend the opening of UAL’s new home for Central Saint Martins, in the heart of Kings Cross. It was exciting for both of us, since Rosanna is a former CSM student and Ellen has been part of the MB team who worked on the UAL strategy.

From exiting the train station, we knew this would be something special as the whole building, lit up with red, shone like a beacon before us. It is in an area which is very much in development, but the inside of the building is new, modern and awe inspiring. WIthout students, it feels more like an art gallery, as we were reminded of buildings such as Tate Modern and Barbican.

The building is in stark contrast to the old CSM buildings at Charing Cross and Southhampton Road, which had labyrinth like layouts, old features and a ‘make do with what you got’ element to it. Most of all it is different because the old sites were carved by the old students, they were a memorial of past achievements and characters which gave you thrills by just letting you walk in their old footsteps.

The new campus marks a milestone in the universities history and future. It shows an initiative and enthusiasm to not only ride on their existing reputation, but to live up to it. This was further established by the statement projected in the main hall, ‘Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are trying to change the world‘.

Jane Rapley OBE, Head of College stated “The design of the new campus has presented us with a unique opportunity to re-imagine how we educate art, design and performance students of the future.” The new building is like no other school in feeling, but now it will be down to the students who use these rooms every day to really make this house a home.