A new team is born…

rained off

Today was to be something big for Moving Brands- the football match of the century, amongst the staff. Well so you would think from the barrage of emails flooding the inboxes of all the staff here this week. Started by MB’s Glen, it was initially just an innocent invite to a kick about in the park given the glorious weather. That was Monday, oh London weather you are fickle.

Since then however the situation has escalated and the emails have snowballed, it’s even gotten somewhat political. Maybe a good thing the “pitch” is now waterlogged and we have some rain to cool it all down before things get too heated. It also looks as though the best solution is to stick to the same side with MB FC (see the new logo to the left). On this decision, MB FC team manager Ben Wolstenholme earlier today stated at a press conference:

“The established sport and football silos are no longer relevant, in a fast moving world a team must change and adapt and so must it’s players.”

Game on.