A new alliance for Madefire and deviantART


An exciting new alliance was announced today; our good friends Madefire have formed a strategic partnership with deviantART, the largest aggregator of creative talent on the internet.

The initiative will provide unprecedented access to the Madefire publishing platform and Madefire Digital Books™, all through deviantART’s 26 million strong artist community.

MB’s founder Ben Wolstenholme, co-founder of Madefire, has said: “deviantART and Madefire will provide the ultimate story engine, by bringing creators and readers together… The Madefire app for iOS has had a storming response, and now we are moving to the web with deviantART and enabling a new generation of storytellers.

The partnership will make Madefire the first native motion-book reader on the deviantART platform, and will mean two key things for their lucky members:

Motion Books™ can now be read though deviant art, opening up the platform to anyone with a PC, a massive leap for the motion book world and a step towards the future plans of Madefire, which you can read about here.

Madefire will also utilise deviantART’s Premium Content Platform to provide access to their browser-based publishing platform, allowing the community to create and distribute their own unique content. The service will even enable individual control of prices; taking advantage of both Madefire’s built-in payment and royalty system and deviantART’s virtual currency. The shared sensibilities of creator-first artist empowerment and liberating narrative is reinforced overall by making all new content available via the Madefire app, exposing artists to the comic community at large.

The previous ‘app only’ Madefire experience has suddenly become available web-wide, through madefire.com and deviantart.com, giving both amateur and professional publishers the tools to distribute through to deviantART’s community via the Madefire tool.

In an interview today with TechCrunch, deviantART’s CEO Angelo Sotira said he was drawn to Madefire as they had “cracked the problem” of transforming comics into a new experience. Madefire’s competitors are, in the most part, repurposing comics for the digital space by ‘scanning in’ print content, missing the immersive opportunities that the new medium provides. Which, in Sotira’s words, is “just kind of lame.”

In our role as creative partner to Madefire, we helped define their vision and brand narrative. This groundwork has been fundamental in how the start-up evaluates partnership and growth opportunities. It is thrilling to track their run away success, building a brand true to their core values of ‘Creators first.’

So there you have it folks, join the 26 million other existing DeviantART users to experience Mono and Captain stone in action! And if you want to get all cross-platform, download the app here for the original iOS experience.

Congratulations to both Madefire and deviantART on your new venture!