A six week whirlwind at Moving Brands New York


For six weeks this summer, MBNY gained our first intern, Joosje Lupa (middle), a discernible presence in the small studio. She shadowed Marketing and Programme Management but left with a lot more. She shares her thoughts about her time below:


I am sitting in a 12 PM video call with San Francisco and London. I can see the morning light in SF as their day begins, extra bright in contrast to the dimmer light in LDN, where the callers are already up and at it for hours. This is usually the moment where I lean back, look around and silently marvel at the situation I have found myself in for the past six weeks.

I have been so lucky this summer as to intern at the Moving Brands studio in New York, shadowing Marketing and Programme Management. My days at the studio varied. I could be researching, writing copy for social media or our weekly newsletter Moving World Wednesday (hey, why not subscribe here?), sitting in on meetings or learning what different people’s roles and responsibilities are. As an enthusiastic Snapchat user (probably excessively so), I drafted an engagement and execution plan for the Moving Brands Snapchat. Asking people what they were doing was my favorite to do as it got me into the mind of someone working at Moving Brands. They have shown me that there is so much more to design and branding than just a couple of lines drawn in an aesthetically pleasing way; they make the form tell a story.

Brandmarks have been transformed and brought to life. We see brands and logos everywhere. One quick sweep on a subway car provides them in hordes. But now when I get on the train car in the morning, scanning every single ad to pass the time, as I always do, I notice different things. I notice what they highlight, what they communicate and how they differ from one another.

This internship was my first introduction to the “real world”, the world outside the exclusively academic one I’ve known all my life. I arrived in the NY studio one Monday morning as a girl who really liked to draw, had a vague interest in marketing and an equally vague sense that working life could be accurately represented by the color grey. Moving Brands was the exact opposite of that, because more than just introducing me to what it’s like to go to a job every morning, I was introduced to a different way of thinking – a creative way of thinking, a driven way of thinking, a supple way of thinking, a Moving Brands way of thinking.

Thanks for making me dread the weekends, Moving Brands. Hope we meet again soon,

Joosje Lupa