America Week

MB Meets… Scott Thomas, Design Director Obama Campaign from Moving Brands on Vimeo.

It is America week in the Studio, both to celebrate Thanksgiving and to get our heads around how our cousins across the pond approach design, branding and advertising. As well as indulging in some Krispy Kremes and a few awesome high fives, we will having one or two America-themed events here in the studio. To start the ball rolling, here is a ‘never seen before’ Moving Brands interview with Scott Thomas, the Design Director of the Obama campaign, filmed earlier this year in our Tokyo studio. A new hero of iconic American design, Scott has become a close friend of MB and was integral to our Brand for London pitch. The film can also be found on our YouTube channel here.


  • Dragos

    That’s something really inspiring, the whole craft around Obama and the way that the process was presented – that’s pure inspiration…

  • wagga

    Fascinating stuff to hear the thinking behind the campaign. Nice interview!