And it started with a tweet…

Today Moving Brands welcomed our 10,000th follower to Twitter. We’re still a few mill off Ashton and even a few thou off some of the other leading branding agencies. But we really couldn’t be prouder of our following, or more crazy in love with all our followers. In three years, we’ve shared project work, talks, awards, bake-offs, the launch of MB San Francisco, the Brand for London pitch, invites for Google Wave, Buzz and +, and more links than you can shake an iPhone 4S at. Our followers have cheered us, made us laugh, and always been the first to let us know if our website’s gone down. Best of all, have been the Twitter friends who have come out from behind their screens to pop by our studios around the world, and since become real life friends of the business. From Silicon Roundabout to Silicon Valley, Twitter has helped MB truly connect with our incredibly innovative and talented eco-system.

To mark this milestone, we’d like to shout out some of our best Twitter friends and say thanks for the LOLs. @septmbrindstry for all the amazing support of our projects as they launch. @millsustwo for bringing the fun, inventiveness and the Wonka madness. @planbstudio, @nathanawilliams, @ktmonkey and @nationstudio for all the Internet High Fives and group hugs (Thundercats, HO). @matdolphin for the bunny love. @DavidAirey and @MartynReding for the proper grown-up chat on branding and design. @malouie, @sheirafurse, and @ryanfitzgibbon for being our first proper Twitter friends in the Bay. And finally, @gingerbeardman and @panjapop for creating a website that put our real-time feeds front and centre – encouraging us to always keep things fresh.

Here’s to the next 10,000, and many more. Nice one tweeps!


  • Here’s to the next 10k and far beyond. Thanks for the shout-out, Camilla. I hope all the team’s keeping well.

  • Camilla you started us off, and have been brilliant at every stage, thank you.

    I promise to be a better tweep in future 🙂