And so it is…

Writing about self isn’t something that this blogger is especially keen on; it’s a bit like staring into the mirror for too long. However moments of self-reflection are inevitable and given the amazing experience I’ve had interning at Moving Brands for the past 6 weeks, I suspect it is something that will influence me for a good while more and a moment of introspection right now is worth it.

Internships are something that get mixed reviews, the more negative ones probably down to the lack of “experience” promised. I have to say this wasn’t the case for me at Moving Brands. My time here really has been valuable and I have been lucky enough to really be immersed in much of what goes on here and equally I have been treated as a valued team member.

What I have really enjoyed and appreciated is that Moving Brands genuinely are and do as they say; collaboration really is part of the culture. Of course this probably sounds as if someone’s twisting my arm as I painfully type this with two fingers. Not so, so sorry if I haven’t exposed MB as real tyrants.

I have been involved in a number projects, been exposed to many different members of the team, from all skill sets and backgrounds and most importantly had opportunity to really stretch and test my own skills. So, while I’m sad to leave, I’ve met some amazing people, had an incredible time and looking forward to the next venture and potential vocation be it strategy, research, marketing, design… Who knows, but let’s find out. I’m curious.