Another year over, a new one just begun


This week MB London received the year-end edition of Project 10, as conceived, art directed and designed by Steve Price of Plan-B Studio. Project 10 was Steve’s 2010 resolution to work collaboratively on 10 design projects for 10 non-profit organisations for 10 months. But as the months rolled by, it became much more than that. Steve’s self-published paper, originally launched to promote the idea of collaboration in design, increasingly attracted contributions from some of the industry’s greatest luminaries. Everyone from Mr Bingo to Nik Roope to Simon Manchipp proffered their time and creativity, making a unique read that really stands out.

As a compulsive blogger and massive suck-up to Steve, I too was invited to contribute on occasion, and I don’t think I was alone in relishing the chance to create something a bit different, something more from the heart, something that had been creatively bubbling below the surface for a while.

For 2011, Steve will be producing the Project 10 newspaper every quarter. In fact, he is already looking for submissions for March’s “A Spring In Your Step” edition. Furthermore, Steve is extending his Project to include mentoring, you can find out more about that here. Steve is one of the coolest, busiest people I know and the fact that he finds time and energy for all of this is staggering. Keep it coming!