App wall at WWDC

We’re sadly unable to make it to the Apple WWDC this year, but last night Rex and I met a very over-excited group of developers who had just emerged out of the second day of the conference. Apparently NDA’s abound, but this video of the app wall is doing the rounds on the internet. As an associated article asserts, the apps “drop down and organize themselves into colors, creating an awesome effect of seeing what apps are going out through the App Store”. San-San in MB London wrote to say that in Google’s reception “you can sit on the massage chair sipping an ice-coffee and watch all the hits on google from around the world”. And MB’s Paul was quick to point out that there was a time when we had a ping-pong table in our reception and just how great those days were. *sigh* Seems we’ll just have to make do with an interactive table for now!