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20130226_MB_newsMB’s Mat Heinl has been stretching his sartorial muscles, featuring in the latest issue of Apparel Insiders magazine, which aims to offer an ‘insiders’ perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary fashion industry’.

The article, title ‘Always On’ by Miriam Rayman is on the theme of digital embedding itself within the threads of what we wear, but explores this topic from an in-depth, challenging and inquisitive viewpoint. It questions, what are the stories, messages and lives these everyday essentials are able to tell, and deliver to our lives?

Mat speaks of the possible scientific health benefits he foresees within this industry, stating; “Micro sensors in our clothes are going to help us connect back to ourselves, helping us to tune in to what our bodies are telling us. It will be like subscribing to yourself. We’ll receive health data in a presentable way to help us make decisions and it’s our smart clothes that will help us do this.” Parallels to these thoughts are emphasised with the news that the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are developing clothes able to read body functions from heart rate to pollution or pollen data.

Unfortunately the article isn’t available online but if you want to get your fashionably gloved hands on a copy of the magazine please email [email protected]