Apple Store Event for Granimator in Tokyo

Ginza_Flyer_smHello from Moving Brands Tokyo

To celebrate the launch of Granimator™ in Japan, ustwo™, GASBOOK, Moving Brands and Houxo Que are hosting a special event at the Apple Store Ginza on 24th June – 7.00pm. Please join us if you are in Tokyo.

Developed in the UK by digital UX studio ustwo™ – Granimator™ is a sound based wallpaper creator that gives iPad users a fully immersive sound and touch experience.

Moving Brands has created an artist pack for Granimator, using the elements from our co-creation project Weare™. This joins packs from Airside, Pete Fowler, Rexbox, Buro Destruct and James Joyce. In addition to these world renowned designers, you will have access to a variety of packs from local Tokyo artist Houxo Que, world renowned design studios DEVILROBOTS, Groovisions and Power Graphixx, as well as a capsule collection of six GASBOOK artists including; ten_do_ten, Hidehito Shinno, Yuko Kanatani, shinpei ONISHI, SONPUB and Hiroshi Iguchi.

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Apple Store Ginza
Thursday 24th June
7pm – 8pm

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