Back In The Day. From the Moving Brands archive

Patient Zero was one of the earliest projects the founders of Moving Brands created while still studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design back in 1996. It was the result of a brief to create a title sequence for a film.

In typical Moving Brands style we chose to concept out our own film rather than use one that already existed – the film was about a secret group that controlled all politicians and governance across the globe, a conspiracy theory often referred to as “the ten”. The resulting title sequence showed a butterfly emerging out of blackness only to then be engulfed in a deluge of abstracted liquid. The entire sequence was shot in-camera, frame-by-frame, on a 16mm bolex rostrum.

In many ways this title sequence was the manifestation of our love for moving image and its power to communicate emotion and, ultimately, the start of Moving Brands.