Batman comes to Madefire


Some very exciting news from Madefire HQ. We are happy to announce the motion book platform is the new home to the one and only BATMAN. Holy smokes indeed. Have a look at the trailer here.

Comic book legends DC Comics have developed a whole new original story which will be available only on Madefire and on the Batman Arkham Origins Multiverse app (which is also powered by Madefire). DC have also decided to remaster their #1 selling Digital comic of all time Injustice – now as Motion Books only on the Madefire app. These exciting announcements come only a week after Madefire were proud to announce they will also be the new home to star of page and screen – Hellboy.

Madefire is the brainchild of original co-founder of Moving Brands, Ben Wolstenholme, for which it is a complete joy to see the Madefire logo, created by Moving Brands of course, sitting side by side next to the iconic DC mark. MB’s focus on storytelling is shared by Madefire, in their plight to bring the static world of the graphic novel into the moving world. It has brought characters we know and love to life such as Star Trek and My Little Pony in original ways, as well as introducing new ones, such as Mono and Dave Gibbon’s Treatment to comic book audiences.