Battery Battles



As wary as we are about headlines that start ‘scientists have invented…’ and as tedious as it sounds, it’s actually quite exciting to see one that concerns batteries, so here goes nothing.

Scientists have invented a battery that charges a phone in just one minute, apparently. As well as the incredible charging speed, the aluminium prototype is said to be safer than the lithium-ion batteries that we use today – with the major bonus of being less likely to catch fire. It’s also more environmentally friendly than alkaline models such as AA and AAA.

So why is this exciting?

The world of tech has the capability and designs to realise some breathtaking innovations, but the batteries to power these products haven’t kept up. With Apple coming under fire for the battery life of its Watch and newest MacBookDyson investing $15m into a new type of battery, Tesla and BMW potentially partnering up and this solar panel that could double up as a phone screen, the battle of the batteries is more prevalent than ever.

Everyone’s favourite outspoken billionaire inventor Elon Musk took to Twitter to voice his concerns about the fact that the new battery hasn’t been proven beyond lab testing environments. With Co.Exist putting Tesla at number 17 on its ‘50 most innovative companies’ for ‘pushing the limits of affordable battery power’, maybe Musk knows a thing or two.

This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150408

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