Ben back in the UK


Everyone in MB London is thrilled to welcome founder and CEO Ben back to the studio this week. Ben has popped over from San Francisco, where he has been establishing our US presence, to check in and see how we’re all getting along here in Blighty. Yesterday we got together over a few beers as he brought us up to date on the latest MB developments and shared some of his inspiration and thinking.

In the photo, Ben’s showing us a film of his little boy playing on an iPad – a ‘digital instinctive’ in our midst.


  • It was great for us guys in the San Francisco studio to take part in yesterdays events via ‘jabber’ video-chat. Ben’s latest thinking certainly resonates – It struck me how full of talent and conviction to deliver creativity Moving Brands is – especially in a world where new technologies are increasing at a exponential rate. Viva MB!