Blackjet Takes Off in San Francisco

Blackjet CEO Dean Rotchincameras clapping (1)

One of Moving Brands’ high-flying clients, Blackjet, enjoyed a highly successful,
well-attended and well-branded launch today in San Francisco’s Union Square with
the Moving Brands-designed brandmark featured prominently on banners, signage and giveaways.

With the promise of free memberships for the first 1,000 attendees, a raffle to fly
private to Las Vegas and the undeniable allure of the Blackjet Sky Angels, a sizable
and excited crowd lined up around the landmark square to learn more about the
“Uber of private jets.”

The comparison to the popular San Francisco-based, app-driven limo service is
no accident. Many of the investors and the board of Blackjet were involved in the
founding of Uber, and Blackjet CEO Dean Rotchin acknowledged that much of the
tech behind the intuitive UI that Moving Brands developed for the smartphone and
web app was developed around the Uber model.

For members of Moving Brands’ San Francisco team who attended, including co-
founder and project lead, James Bull, it was incredibly satisfying to see the brand
they helped create, design and launch resonate so powerfully with the general

Now about that free trip to Las Vegas…