Blog highjacked by the Intern!

“Now I’m no statistical analyst or expert in algorithms, but if ever there was an equation for the perfect working environment, then sure enough Moving Brands has the secret. Whether they realise it or not, to come into their bubble as an outsider with fresh eyes showed just how completely individual and unique their environment is. I really have never experienced a situation quite like theirs and that’s what makes them so special. Their concept of the moving world and creating a living identity is visible on every level and with every aspect of their business, from their augmented reality sketch books, to the mixing of people from all different fields on every floor, to lunch time catch ups on the roof, Moving Brands’ identity and ethos is very clear and very cool. They have a global following for a reason- even the printers down the road were singing their praises!

I can’t begin to verbally express just how much I learned on my placement from all the wonderful people and from simply being immersed in the culture of their creative hub in the London studios. They are geniuses in their field, attentive to their projects, the future of the branding world and something I found particularly lovely, they are attentive to each other. Completing a task, no matter how big or small, is not just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off a long list of others, it is a symbol of the time invested in a project and a reflection of a passion for their work. You can see that in their amazing portfolio of work, working with some of the best known global brands. In tune with their innovative and creative bones, their dedication to internal projects was yet another example of their dedication to branding and their faith in the ethos of the company. They take advantage of social media platforms and use them in bigger and better ways. A lot of my time this week was spent analysing twitter feeds, and as well as finding some real pearls of wisdom (AlpacaMonster was a favourite tweeter of mine…), it put into perspective how in a world so quick to change, branding cannot be a static entity and that is something that those wise cookies at Moving Brands know full well and emulate in all their work.

I was well looked after, trusted, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have a taste of life at Moving Brands. Without the want of sounding like someone trying desperately to get their ex back, I find myself thinking ‘take me back Moving Brands!’

Moving Brands are undeniably different; they think differently, they act differently and no doubt as the future of branding develops in our moving world, we will see another phase in their evolution as a company.

Long live Moving Brands!”

Laura Piccirillo

Please note: No interns were harmed (or bribed) in the writing of this post.


  • Ben Wolstenholme

    I am somewhat biased…! but what a compliment Laura – thank you