Blue Sunset

Blue Sunset

Hello, I’m Tomoko Ogino, I’m a Japanese Graphic Design student from Art Center College of Design who recently started my internship here at Moving Brands.  I am thrilled about stepping into a new experience!

Last weekend, I had a chance to attend an exhibit called “Beyond: Visions of our Solar System” at the Petaluma Historical Museum in Sonoma county. It’s an edited version of a traveling exhibition presented by the Smithsonian Museum, originally displaying 148 prints of all the planets. Most of the photos are produced by combining tens of thousands of shots taken by Nasa’s exploration missions like the two Voyager probes or the Mars Spirit Rover.


I was fascinated thinking that I am just a particle of the planet within this vast and beautiful solar system. Moreover, what captured me was a picture of a glowing blue sunset on Mars. How interesting! Sunsets on Mars are blue. It reminds me of the simple fact that the things we take for granted may not be so in the other places.


Interning at Moving Brands is giving me new perspectives and discoveries too. Even in this short period of time, I have learned a great deal about about branding methods and creative processes.  It blows me away everyday.  During this summer, I am looking forward to encountering more exciting, fascinating and new experiences, just like the time when I saw a blue sunset on Mars!