Booty Reader


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about JC Penny’s virtual dressing room, comes news of Old Navy’s “Booty Reader”. It seems American retail is grasping the immersive power of interactive, digital experiences with both hands. As shoppers starting to feel slightly less strapped for cash, and Vogue’s September issue weighing in at over a kilogram, retail brands are gearing up and focusing on new and engaging ways to connect with a customer base who are returning to the shops more demanding than ever. Certainly here, at MB, we are increasingly in conversations with our clients about how we can help them to bring their customers right to the heart of their brands using ‘social’ and ‘interactive’ and, ideally, a potent combination of the two.

Further thoughts on Booty Reader also over at Mashable.


  • The future is definitely finding the right combination of social, interactive and traditional media. Its like finding the right martini, it’s all in how you mix it.